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Solid state drives

image_20160725_113141Solid state drives – Guide To SSDs

The solid state drive helps with providing computer memory that is fast. When your computer starts getting sluggish then this means the hard drive might need replacing. The hard drive has parts on them that move. The solid state drives does not have any parts that move and therefore, this helps with the speed of the computer. However, that’s not the only amazing thing that they do for your computer.

You’ll find that if you have a laptop computer, desktop, netbook or even if you have a notebook then the solid state drive is the best thing to get for a lot of reasons. You want your boot up time to be fast and you don’t want to have parts on it that move. The solid state drives helps with providing a fast boot up time. This is one reason why they work great on many different kinds of devices. If you have a slow boot up time you will notice that it’s really a great aggravation and annoyance but you won’t experience that problem with the solid state drive.

When you go to shut down your laptop or computer then the data gets retained fast and doesn’t cause problems when shutting it down. This way all of the information is still there when you go to boot up your computer. On hard drives this might be a slow process but not with solid state drives. You’ll find that the solid state drive helps to improve both the boot up and the shut down process.

There are a lot of solid state drives that you can buy online at a price that is affordable. The Samsung SSD card has a high quality performance with it but might be expensive. You’ll be very impressed with the card. However, the Toshiba Solid State Drive might not be as expensive but still gives the performance that you need.

After dealing with a computer that is sluggish you will be very glad that you made the decision to replace the hard drive. Sometimes it’s important to do this because this way your computer and laptop will last you a lot longer. If you don’t do this then it could actually hurt it because of the slow response. When things are slow it can cause many problems on your laptop and computer.

Solid state drives

Another thing to know is that the solid state drive also helps to improve the battery which is a fantastic feature with it. When you need a longer battery life instead of replacing the battery; look into possibly replacing the solid state drive.Having one of the high quality solid state drives really helps to improve your computer, laptop and netbook in so many ways. You will be so glad that you decided to replace the hard drive and get something that really works and improves your computer. You’ll no longer have to worry about a long boot up time and can almost straight away start enjoying your computer because of the solid state drive.

To read more about the benefits of SSDs, take a look at: Flash Storage vs SSD

Top applications in the music service

Musique-AppWith all my love, I have created a folder together the best mobile applications to support musicians . Musical discovery, composition, sound editing … There will be something for everyone!

Basically, I planned only to present some of my shots hearts applications. (Just as I had done for software in my article 6 free software and essential to compose ). However, given the number of interesting applications on the market, I have not managed to make my choice. So I decided to do things thoroughly amount you a complete file listing the best music apps across all categories. (Yep I’m like that myself p).

You will see that I have done my best to try to offer you the greatest possible free applications . However, you still find some paid apps in this ranking because for some of them, I just did not find the same quality of free counterparts (and personally I prefer to focus on quality for free 😉 ) .

Similarly, I have tried to offer applications that are both compatible for iOS as Android . Unfortunately, in some cases I have not managed to find versions for both processors. Do not be surprised if you see some of the submitted applications are not compatible with your smartphone (but in most cases I did manage to you find other applications for similar functions ;)).

I hope this folder you will find some useful and fun applications. Meanwhile, I suggest you equip your smartphone and fasten your seat belts because I will take you immediately to a little trip around the musical sphere on mobile!

Playing music streaming

No need to spend hours searching the net to try to find a crack in your favorite album (pirate band ^^). Some applications now let you listen to your favorite music online.


I will well have to introduce the two giants of the sector namely Deezer and Spotify . But I preferred them a much nicer alternative that does not impose restrictions on your listening time: Grooveshark . Indeed, on Grooveshark everything is free and unlimited . In other words, even if you do not have a premium account, your music will not be interrupted every two minutes by Fleury Michon pub. 😉 In addition , the library of titles is impressive and even covers artists the most advanced. ! Definitely a must Free To take advantage, there are two solutions: – Download the application via: – Or directly benefit the online service by inserting the URL ” http: // html5 / “in your browser.


After myspace decline Soundcoud has quickly established itself among artists such as online music streaming the reference platform . With Soundcloud, follow your favorite artists and discover many talents in the making! Free > Download on the Appstore > Download from Google Play .

Music discovery

Tired of always listening to the same songs? You just go around your playlist for the tenth time in a row? To overcome this problem, two solutions are available: read my article ” 10 ways to enrich his musical culture ” (the little hop and placing subtle section 😉 ) or download the following three applications:


is not this more. Shazam is undoubtedly one of the best known applications and most downloaded in the world. And because it is very convenient when you hear a song you like but you do not know, turn that Shazam will identify it to you directly . Magic! Free > Download on the Appstore > Download from Google Play


Stereomood is an application that offers playlists based on your mood . Whether you are angry, happy, sad, or concentrate, simply enter your state in the search bar to the application will automatically suggest songs that match your mood. Free > Download on the Appstore > Download from Google Play

Discovr Music

Discovr Music is an application mapping music . In other word, you simply enter the name of an artist or group in the search bar to the application automatically gives you the name of the group is musically closest to your request. Price 1.79 € > Download on the Appstore .

The musician’s tools

Some applications can facilitate the life of the musician . So I wanted to present the most essential of them in this section. Tempo (Metronome) Tempo is simply the best application metronome on mobile . Its graphical interface is very sleek and application covers many convenient features like the ability to choose a time signature. Ideal for work your way! Price: € 1.79 > Download on the Appstore > Download from Google Play

Carltune (tuner)

Carltune is a multifunction tuner for tuning many instruments (piano, guitar, bass, Vilon ukulele …). It’s accurate, easy to use, and free. What more? Free > Download on the Appstore > Download from Google Play:)

Gchord (chord dictionary)

To learn to play an instrument and to compose, it is important to know your agreements. Application G chord, and will greatly help you in this task since it lists hundreds of agreements and even tells you their position on the handle . And best of all, it was even thought for lefties. Free > Download on the Appstore > Download from Google Play

B-Rhymes (rhyming dictionary)

With B-Rhymes you will become much easier to write your words in English ! Enter a word in the search bar to the application automatically sort a list of expressions with the same sound. For those who compose their texts in French, I recommend the application ” Bordas Rimes ” which covers exactly the same features as its counterpart B-Rhymes but in the language of Molière. Free > Download on the Appstore > Download from Google Play


You are traveling and you fear not being able to save the bright idea that just crossed your mind? Do not panic! There are now very practical mobile application that lets you create your music on the go. Here is a selection of the best of them-between. Note : Most of the known sequencers (FL Studio, Cubase, Ableton …) already have their own mobile adaptation. If you are used to compose on one of these softwares in normal times, I suggest you download them.


GarageBand For Windows turns your smartphone or tablet into a real recording studio and composition . Some of its features include: virtual instrument management, the ability to use amps, adding audio effects, and even a multitrack recorder. Price: 4,49 € > Download on the Appstore > Download PocketBand Pro (best on Android-like Garageband)


Edited by Reason Figure is a super fun and very intuitive application that allows you to create electro pieces in minutes . Press the buttons on the screen to create a rhythm, add a filter, or compressions and view the results in real time. I let you enjoy the short video demo to get an idea of the power of this software. Price: 0.89 € > Download on the Appstore

Tinder Dating: Getting Your Shit Together

date-online-profileDude.  Get your shit together…. Your dating life depends on it.
Whether you do or not, any guy can fall victim to just winging dates and hoping for the best.  I have learned this lesson the hard way.  It seems like every time I would go out with friends and my place was immaculate, I wind up coming home alone. As soon as my place looks like a bum ransacked the place, that’s when the gods see fit to send me a hot girl that wants to come back to my place.Yet another advantage to Tinder gaming…. you have more time to prepare and automate the whole process.
A big part of dating success comes down to logistics, when you’re meeting a tinder girl out for a drink, you should have a plan.  That plan should have everything laid out starting with where to meet and ending with how to get back to your place. Always have something cool or something desired back at your place, besides the implication of sex.

Here are 7 Quick and Simple Musts to set up before your hot Tinder Date:
#1:  Have Alcohol

Easy Rule.  Always have alcohol at your place ready. Have beer, white, and red wine, and vodka with something to mix with. This should be on your shopping list up there with milk and bread.

#2:   Clean your place before you go out

No respectable girl wants to get down in an untidy place. It just ruins the mood.

#3:  The Right Lighting

The right lighting sets the mood.  Make your place lit, not too much but when you open the door it should not be completely dark. I leave kitchen oven light on because I walk in through kitchen. Get lamps with low lighting, nothing ruins the mood more than turning on your lights and your place lights up like a 7-11

#4:  Music

Have some music ready.  Get some cool vibing music on. There’s no reason for it to be silent. I use Spotify and just use their mood playlist, according to what that particular girl may like more.  It’s free and works just fine.

#5:  Frozen Pizza

This is a great way to get a girl back to your place, if you’re with a girl near your house, you can always ask if she wants pizza and if she does – make your way home. When you get there, if she asks, tell her you have pizza and drinks and make HER promise not to make any moves on you.

#6:  Keep Overnight Supplies

Go to your nearest grocery store or pharmacy, they have travel toothbrushes, get a couple.  Get some contact solution. This may be the deciding factor for a girl to stay or not.  Even if you don’t want her to stay over, it’s good to have.

#7:  Have condoms near your bed

Does tinder work? You are about to found out.. If you don’t have condoms, a lot of girls will not have sex (you shouldn’t neither but that’s another story). Condoms should be within an arms length from bed, preferably a night stand. I used to keep them in a pillow, and one girl got turned off because she thought I was some kind of man whore. The idea is not to have to get up and ruin the mood.Doing these simple things, can make or break the deal.
A few more things to mention are roommates and cell phones.  If you have roommates, make sure they aren’t in common area, text them before you get home: “Dude, coming home w girl – go to your room” .  Nothing spoils the mood more than a dude in his underwear slopped on the couch next to a bong.
Your cell phone should not have your notifications on home screen.  Make sure your screen is locked and has a code.  Some girls think grabbing your phone and looking through it is flirting…
Now get back to Tindering